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Feature Films

Créa TV packages and produces feature films for domestic and international markets.


We write, direct and produce international documentaries for worldwide audiences.

TV Series

We develop television series and programs for local & specific audiences

From the Silver Screen to your Smart Phone.

Production Support, Content Development & Facility Rentals are Créa TV’s 3 Pillars of Growth for the Years to Come.

- Othello KHANH, Créa TV Founding Partner.
A true pioneer in film production in the modernizing Vietnam, Créa TV is one of the first private production house to have produced feature films in 2006 when government policy opened the sector.
In 2007, following further opening policies, Créa TV started to produce Television Series, for local networks. Créa TV also lead the production of interactive games shows, producing up to 3 hours of content per day in 2008.

As the technologies advance, Créa TV now develops content for mobile platforms. We also have several Feature Films, Documentaries and Television Series being currently under development.


Public Safety Announcement

Signs of Life  (2013)

Director-Animator: Philippe Massonnet

Creative Director-Producer: Othello Khanh

Did you know that according to the United Nations, “1.24 million people die every year on the world’s roads“,  that is 3,500 victims every day ? Créa TV decided to take action and fight this epidemic by creating a road safety campaign to support the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation and the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

Créa TV’s Managing Director, Othello KHANH joined forces with Director/Animator Philippe MASSONNET to craft the “Signs of Life” campaign. Episode 01 focused on Pedestrian Safety is the pilot of a larger series that aims to show that taking safety precautions can help us to prevent road traffic crashes. “We are our own engines of change that will make our roads safer” said Mirjam Sidik, AIP Foundation’s CEO.  This initial episode was produced in English and Vietnamese.

Créa TV and AIP Foundation are now looking for partners to support the development the series and  broaden its reach across the globe.
Please contact us to learn how you too can contribute to making our roads safer.


Feature Film

House in the Alley (2012)

Director-Writer: Le-Van Kiet

Stars: Thanh Van Ngo and Son Bao Tran

A young couple just had a tragedy. As they came back to their home, they begin to see changes. The wife, still grieving for her loss, is starting to act differently. The house suddenly is affected by unknown forces. The husband is helping his wife through this difficult time, keeping things together, and trying to getting back to normal living but is losing the battle, which becoming more and more frightening. As things became more desperate, he fights for their home, all the while trying to solve the terrifying secrets of this house in the alley before it is too late.



Florence Cassez, l’ultime recours (2011)

Directors: Othello Khanh, Patrice Du Tertre

Writers: Othello Khanh, Patrice Du Tertre

It’s been more that six long years that French woman Florence Cassez is in prison in Mexico, convicted for kidnapping to 60 years of imprisonment but she claims  her innocence. Directors Patrice du Tertre and Othello Khanh went to Mexico where they met Florence, and a number of witnesses in the case. They explored new avenues, ignored or not exploited to date and relevant new evidence which confirms the dysfunctional Mexican justice in the first trial Cassez in May 2008. She was then sentenced to 96 years that were reduced to 60 years after a retrial. After losing her appeal in February 8, 2011, she was left with a last resort: the decision of the Mexican Supreme Court. The case is in the hands of 5 judges of the High Court, independent of the executive…