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Feature Films

We support  local and international production houses to shoot feature films in South East Asia.                                                                                  

Corporate & Stills

We  support local and international clients to shoot corporate films & manage events in South East Asia.                                             

With our unparalleled experience in this region, Créa TV’s TV commercials and Production services can offer you full production support for any sized production, excellent Directors, Line Producers, and the best deals in South East Asia on top crews and equipment available. Over the years, Créa TV has probably produced and serviced more local TVCs and overseas productions than any other organization working in Vietnam. We are rapidly expanding our offices and resources in Thailand, Cambodia and soon in Myanmar. We offer you a world-class infrastructure that is second to none. Our Goal is simple – we want your production to be managed, equipped and crewed by the best AND to enjoy your shooting experience on a level that will leave you wanting to return again and again! We are here to accommodate your every request whatever your production needs and will always endeavor to provide a service beyond any expectations you have.

Feature Films

We support Local and International Production Houses to shoot feature films in South East Asia.

TV Programs

We support Local and International Production Houses and Television Networks to shoot Scripted and Non-Scripted TV programs in South East Asia.

TV Commercials

We support Local and International Advertising Agencies & Production Houses to shoot TV Commercials in South East Asia.

Corporate & Events

We support Local and International Clients to shoot Corporate Films Manage Events in South East Asia.




We have serviced more overseas productions than any other organization working in Vietnam and are rapidly expanding our offices and resources in Thailand and Cambodia. Créa TV does not want you to waste any time worrying about the details in regard to producing your project.  Créa TV has the skill & confidence to produce and perform to your expectations of what entails a successful film production, no matter how demanding you think your requirements are.

No one else more intimately understands the production challenges & what our abundant region has to offer.  Nor does anyone else here have the infrastructure to positively take on your challenge as well as we can.

We will communicate with you in your language. Key members of support crews are all English speaking and some are also French and German speaking.  We can also provide key production coordinators and other crew speaking Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalo, Vietnamese, Thai, and Khmer.

Créa TV will take care of all your productions requests. If you need a studio, a sub-tropical rain forest, a mountain range or a rugged coastline, not a problem!

Créa TV will put together an extremely competitive package that will not disappoint you or your clients.

Before you arrive we’ll expertly arrange Location Recces, Crew bookings, Casting, Art Dept briefs, travel and accommodations,  or whatever else you wish to resolve early on.

For your stay in SE Asia,  Créa TV will organize everything you need for a comfortable stay, be it a translator, special accommodation, entertainment options, or the most unusual request imaginable, we are here to assist with our awesome array of industry connections.

With total confidence, Créa TV Production offers you a world class service, and access to an extremely competitive production environment, where the natural, historical and, cultural beauties will astound you.  Allow us to explore the true potential with you. Let us know the details of your project and we will have references & an estimate back within the day if required.

Production Offices

We offer you complete dedicated central production offices with modern facilities including: high speed Internet access, telephones, fax machines, computers, color printers/scanners, IT support, equipped & skilled research assistants, and a great resource of quality support staff to assist as the need arises.  We have an extensive location library representing much of the region, great internal casting facilities and casting database.

Sound Stages and Post-Production

We also offer two air-conditioned sound stages (500m2 and 150m2) and full post-production facility (editing and sound).

Bangkok, Thailand hosts several highly respected feature and commercial post production facilities.  These facilities offer very competitive rates on film transfers, editing, visual effects, and animation.  We can Introduce you to the right facility for your requirements.

Currently, we process most of our exposed negatives in Thailand which hosts several world class processing facilities.  For feature film location shooting in either Vietnam or Cambodia, we arrange exposed negatives to be exported for developing, and re-import rushes or graded negatives to location as needed.


Whether you choose to do your production with our Vietnam or Thai offices we can offer you a vast selection of highly experienced and passionate in-house crew and crews for hire who have extensive experience in the international film industry.

.     Line Producers, Production managers, Location Scouts

.     Quality Casting Directors

.     Directors of Photography, Camera AD, Focus Pullers, Loaders, VTR

.     Sound Technicians

.     Experienced aerial, Underwater & sports Cameramen

.     Gaffers / Electricians / Gene Operators

.     Grips / Crane Operators

.     Créative and Innovative Art Department

.     Wardrobe / Make-up / Stylists


We pride ourselves on using some of the best state of the art equipment available.  We own a lot of gear and around the region we work together with some of the best rental companies and have access to an impressive array of filming equipment.


Créa TV have an extensive casting database covering professional actors, models, and performers in Vietnam and Thailand. Our experienced Casting Directors know the range of talents intimately and can source the right people to suit the style and look you want to achieve.  Beyond our internal resources we also cast internationally through agencies in America, Europe, and Australia to source a variety of talents from different countries and ethnic backgrounds.




Vietnam ThailandCambodia

Our location expertise is an outstanding resource for filmmakers shooting in Southeast Asia.  Our location managers have surveyed and we have used for shooting, thousands of locations across Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.  Our extensive location library will serve your needs to quickly discover the most suitable locations for your project. Knowing the location is only part of the challenge.  Knowing the intricacies, the hidden charms, and knowing how to access all the permissions and resources needed to fully utilize these locations is where our experience and expertise truly shine.